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Never take your health for granted

It is a general human habit that we only really start to appreciate the value of something when we either don’t have it anymore, or we are in the process of losing it.

And this can be true with most things we have, but none more so than our own health.

Apart from the fact that it is becoming more popular to follow a healthier lifestyle, it is also good for you. You will feel better about yourself and better about your health. Insurance companies will provide you with more cover for reduced premiums, and some are even willing to give you discounts or paybacks on your contracted premiums.

Following a healthy lifestyle will not guarantee that you won’t fall ill, but it will dramatically reduce your risk. Family history and genetics also play a large role with regards to your health risks.

If you are not feeling sick it doesn’t mean that you are actually healthy. The risk that a serious illness such as heart disease, cancer or a stroke could change your life and that of your loved ones are increasing by the day. The food we eat and our busy stressful lifestyles all contribute to these risks.

None of us wish for bad news in any area of our life, but we still plan for the possibility.

If you have a car you insure it for the unplanned, why not apply the same principles to your life and health? As the probability and occurrence of illnesses are increasing, insurers are also improving their offerings and products. A serious disease such as cancer and its treatment will leave a large hole in your medical aid, if not deplete it and your savings.

Considering the emotional impact of it on your family and your personal finances you should seriously consider protection for a serious illness during your lifetime. The likelihood of being real and high, protection could go a long way in the cost of curing and assisting you and your family in a challenging time.

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Jacques Hodsdon – MCom Tax | CA(SA) | CFP ® is a Director of Affluence Group and specialises in Investments, Personal and Business planning. For inquiries contact, or 082 301 1332.

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