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Employee Benefits
Your employees’ well-being is crucial to your business continuity and success, as business owner’s or management, the importance to look after your people and their loved ones should be a business priority.

For their long-term support and dedication they should be able them to have a comfortable retirement. As most employees do not realise the importance of saving for this, the role and support of the employer becomes all the more relevant.

Pension Fund

The objective of a pension fund is to provide employees of a company with a regular pension in retirement. Pension fund members can buy an annuity with at least two-thirds of their retirement fund at retirement; but there is an added incentive of tax deductibility for monthly premiums paid into a pension fund.

Provident Fund

The objective of a provident fund is to provide employees with a lump sum benefit at retirement. A provident fund is thus more flexible, as employees can still purchase an annuity with their fund; take the full lump sum value at retirement or any combination in between.

Group Risk Cover

Providing for risk events (e.g. death or disability) can be a costly exercise with a number of complexities and uncertainties, unless effectively managed. Our suite of cost-effective risk solutions to employers enables you to:

  • Enhance employee benefit packages, which are an important component of the total offering when attracting new employees.
  • Provide financial protection to employees and their dependents in the event of death or a long-term illness while still in service.
  • Offer a disability and claims management and assessment capability that will assist employees to return to work once their rehabilitation is complete.


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Employee Benefits

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