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Wills and Trusts
A Last Will and Testament is a legal document detailing how you wish your estate to be divided after death.

Your Will sets out important instructions such as:

  • Who will oversee your estate as an executor;
  • The responsibilities and powers your executor will have in order to carry out its distribution;
  • Who will inherit which property;
  • How your property will ultimately be transferred to your beneficiaries;
  • If you have minor children, it details who will serve as their guardian until they reach adulthood.

Complexities to consider included:

  • Maintenance claims from a divorce
  • Liquidity in your estate to pay all costs, debts and taxes
  • Offshore Assets
  • Customary Law Marriages
  • Complex business and shareholdings
  • Testamentary trusts for minor
  • Dying Intestate without a valid will

By making sure your Last Will and Testament is in place, valid, and up to date, you can protect your family’s financial future and inheritance. We specialise in drafting your Last Will and Testament, making sure that it meets all legal requirements. Contact one of our advisors to set up an appointment.

What Is a Trust?

A trust is a legal agreement between an owner of assets and the appointed trustees. Trustees ensure that the assets and the intended beneficiaries of those assets are properly cared for. The trustees undertake to administer the trust’s assets to the benefit of the beneficiaries. It therefore stands to reason that the success of a trust lies in appointing the right trustees – people who you believe will always act in the best interest of your beneficiaries and manage your assets in accordance with legislation and stipulations of the trust deed (constitution of the trust). What’s more, a trust’s administration must always be transparent to ensure the satisfaction of all relevant parties.

A trust can be an effective vehicle in any comprehensive estate planning process.

Some of the benefits of using a trust includes:

  • Asset protection is provided by a trust, this include protection against creditors;
  • Trusts can be used in estate planning and can be used to minimise estate duty and capital gains tax that can arise on death;
  • In a Trust, there is separation between ‘benefit’ and ‘control’.
  • Trustees can therefore manage and control assets for the benefit of beneficiaries.


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