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Education is optional

If you disagree with the heading, then you will most likely agree that the best gift any parent can give to their children is the opportunity to obtain a good education and a tertiary one if possible.

You will furthermore be very fortunate if no life-changing event disrupts your family’s lives, and you are able to provide for your children’s education, and one day take pride in their success and your input in their lives.

But how will your children be affected should any of the parents unexpectedly pass away, become permanently disabled or suffer from a critical illness?
The fact of the matter is, the remaining parent will struggle to keep the household afloat let alone be able to provide sufficiently for education.
In hindsight, you will always be able to fix things, make other plans or provide sufficiently.

Children are so dependent on their parents, and they will only really realise and appreciate it much later in their lives.
As a parent, you have the opportunity to make sure your children’s future is secured if you are not around to witness it yourself.

There are fantastic solutions available that focus very specifically on your child’s education needs, should you not be around to provide. It takes a huge burden off the remaining parent and takes care of your child’s future by providing funds for educational and related needs.
Providing for education if you do have the available funds still requires good investment principles, and those funds might also run out if they do not keep track with education inflation which is much higher than consumer inflation.
The risk of any provisions being used for other purposes than education is also alleviated when implementing the suited solutions.

There are many types of solutions that could address your needs. Speak to a certified and qualified advisor who will be able to assist you to sufficiently provide for your children educational needs. Have the confidence that your child’s education is taken care of and that it won’t be optional.

Jacques Hodsdon – MCom Tax | CA(SA) | CFP ® is a Director of Affluence Group and specialises in Investments, Personal and Business planning.
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