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For some “holistic financial planning” might sound familiar for most it wont.

Holistic planning:  “is looking at the whole of something, and not just dealing with particular aspects.”

Everyone is different, and everyone’s needs are different. No single solution will or can suit every individual or family. The aspects and circumstances that make up your life vary from other people and it only makes sense to have a personal approach that serves only you and your family — and no one else’s.

No solution or suggestion can be given just based on the numbers on a page.

Here are some important factors that needs to be dealt with during a holistic process and that takes into account the many aspects of your whole life.

  • Where are you going in life
  • What are your retirement goals
  • How do your children influence your financial situation now and in future
  • What legacy do you plan to leave
  • What needs do you have for the short-term, for health and unplanned events.
  • Are your insurance needs personal and relevant to you and your family.
  • Do you have investment goals and are you actively saving
  • Are you saving for your children’s education, perhaps in a foreign currency.
  • What impact does tax have on your life, now, when you retire and when you pass on.
  • What is your final wishes in your will and can it be executed
  • Do you consider the long term financial impact when buying a car or a property.

Don’t have the expectation that all of these should be fixed in one go, and certainly don’t believe that you have a complete solution by having some insurance products or policies.

Holistic financial planning is based on your own life and that of your family, it’s a journey and a process. Aquire the guidance of a trusted qualified financial advisor who understands all the aspects influencing your life and who can assists you to look at the bigger picture. And not someone that is just wanting to sell you a policy that you don’t need or understand.

Jacques Hodsdon –  MCom Tax | CA(SA) | CFP ®   is a Director of Affluence Group and specialises in Investments, Personal and Business planning

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